NOTE: The Dragon Museum sold and changed locations circa 2015. Since that time it has closed. What a shame.

Tail of the Dragon visited the Dragon Dreams Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee in 2012. We had heard about this place, but no one had told us how extensive the collection was. The place looks small from the outside and you might have second thoughts about paying the $6.00 admission. Inside the old house of small rooms sprawls before you forming a veritable maze filled with dragons of every size, shape and color.

There are antiques, music boxes, porcelains, jewelry, kimonos, T-shirts, tea sets, incense burners, figurines, toys, kites, pictures, lunch boxes, carvings, stained glass, kaleidoscopes, puzzles, pewter, vases, games, books, fantasy figures, paintings, stuffed animals, movie memorabilia, and even a pinball machine – all dragon stuff! There are hatching dragons in incubators, dragons soaring from the ceiling, racks of dragon clothing, cribs filled with dragon toys, and rotating jewelry cases brimming with dragons. Eleven rooms are overflowing with neat stuff that has been collected over the past 30 years.

This has to be the largest dragon collection in the world. It is well worth the admission charge. We spent over an hour browsing the museum and then 30 minutes in the shop. We spent several hundred dollars in the shop adding to our pitiful by comparison dragon collection. There is no charge to browse in the store which has some excellent dragon items for sale.