The Road to Nowhere ~ Bryson City

The creation of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in the 1920s and 1930s resulted in many homesteaders being evicted from their lands. The construction of Fontana Dam (1942-44) created Fontana Lake which flooded the existing roadway NC288 and many of the small ghost towns along the route. What remained on the north side of the new lake in the National Park were cemeteries and ruins of homesteads, logging operations and mining towns.

Complete Moonshiner28

Moonshiner 28 updated in 2015. A lot of freshly paved sections made for better road conditions. You can still expect pavement heaves in the Cullasaga Section section between Franklin and Highlands. Overall good conditions on this route.

In Search of Moonshine

Searching for the Gatlinburg Moonshine Distilleries and a drive through the Smoky Mountain National Park.

Clayton GA & Highlands NC

Waterfalls and twisties on this scenic tour which includes some of the best roads in north Geogia and Moonshiner28.